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Better We Better World

1. For the love of life and all lives

At the Garden of Peace, we transfer and share the love of life and all lives, by embodying it in every one of our thoughts, words, and actions.

The garden is the metaphor for the seeds of peace, wisdom, loving kindness and joy that grow in the fertile ground of our hearts. Day after day, we water them with the water of love and compassion, drawn from the deep source of our truth, soothed and luminous. The intention driving us is like a nourishing sap. It gives the young peace growing in us the strength of rooting, the vitality of the germination and blossoming of the flowers, preceding the ripening of the fruits. Without the power of intention, buried life dries up in the seed.

2. Fraternal Earth in the making

In the Garden of Peace, what is our intention ? It is a shared vision, the vision of a fraternal Earth in the making. It dwells in the matrix of a new consciousness, which has eliminated the spirit of destructive division and is being taught by the community of indivisible life, reconciled with itself. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is essential to strengthen life through life because we are experiencing an age of deep and multiple disruptions. Humanity has today become a decisive force for the collapse and depletion of the Earth’s ecosystem. It has reached the critical threshold, on a planet made increasingly inhospitable by global warming, the 6th massive extinction of species, ocean acidification and pollution of soil, water and air.
At the Garden of Peace, while acknowledging the multiple distress signals of the biosphere and emerging disasters all over the planet, we are rooting in the minds and hearts the seeds of a new Earth with the Better We Better World training. Our belief is that the better world exists in the best of us. To use Gandhi’s formula, we are the change we want for the world.

3. Revolution of consciousness and sharing

At the Garden of Peace, Better We Better World invites a revolution of consciousness and sharing. It is about transforming helplessness, frustration, anger or fear, caused by the current state of the planet, because these energies can not initiate any lasting change. On the contrary, they contribute to strengthening the current system, destructive of life. Change can only happen by transforming the initial indignation into the realization of our inner humanity, the key to the reconciliation with ourselves and a radical evolution of our interactions with others and nature. To reconnect with our interiority is to find a powerful resilient and transformative energy of peace, compassion, solidarity and healing for ourselves and for the world. It is to be aware of the sufferings and dysfunctions of our societies, while acting according to our deepest aspirations for justice, truth and dignity.

4. Energy of Hope, Love and Compassion

Engaging in Better We Better World training means making a commitment to change things not with the energy of despair but with the energy of hope, love and compassion, through the forces of death in order to bring forth the forces of life, according to Sister Emmanuelle’s teaching of experience. The contribution of women is essential to this renewal and their education and promotion are priorities.

At the roots of our Garden of Peace, there is the intention to convey this belief that by discovering the best of oneself, one brings forth the best world of tomorrow. We share this conviction, addressing ourselves to all without distinction, without religious affiliation, political or ideological, without any requirement other than a motivation and a sincere love of life, with the energy and the enthusiasm of which we are carriers. This means that such a transmission can not be purely theoretical, academic and magisterial. In the Garden of Peace, the teacher is the teaching, the messenger is the message because we are working to make our lives an example. Example is our model of transmission. Our practice is the practice of the right and harmonious life, closer to the cycles of life. Our practice is peace which, in the Garden of Peace, is rooted in our hearts.
We are convinced that the risk of collapse that humanity faces today is not an inevitable adversity. Everything is in our hands at this stage and the environmental threat can still become an opportunity to transform the paradigms of a civilization whose development feeds on the belief in infinite progress on a finite planet, the illusion of anthropocentrism and the triumph of individualism at the expense of the good of all.

5. One million quiet revolutions

Our initiative is based on the observation that a popular movement mobilizing millions of actors of change around the world is constantly growing. Without being relayed by the mainstream media, this movement continues to federate large sectors of civil society, crossing all social classes, generations and borders. This movement is non-ideological, non-violent, non-religious and anonymous. It is called "one million quiet revolutions" because it is represented by more than one million NGOs, working for social and economic justice, ecology, land democracy and nature’s rights. These quiet revolutions emerging on all continents are matrices of the new reality of the world of tomorrow.

To be global, the ethics of the world of tomorrow is based on four founding insights which define our inner humanity :

1. Anthropological awareness : the unity of the human family, human rights and duties, responsibility to future generations ;
2. Ecological awareness : to exist is to coexist, the human being shares the resources of the Earth ecosystem with others than humans ;
3. Ethical awareness : our interdependencies with the biosphere and our resulting responsibilities ;
4. Spiritual awareness : the reality of the human condition in the various traditions, cultures and wisdoms of the world

6. Double transition, inner and outer

To reconcile ourselves with our planet in distress and by listening to distress signals everywhere present in human societies and in the biosphere, we study transition and adaptation strategies around two complementary axes of reflection and action :

1. The axis of the internal transition : the dynamic of transformation of the world passes by a transformation of mentalities. Recent discoveries in affective and social neuroscience, which have shown the natural empathy of humans and living systems in general, give us the tools of an unprecedented revolution of consciousness, bringing out the inhibited properties of today, of sharing, of generosity and solidarity to revitalize our mission of life on the planet.

2. The axis of external transition : It is embedded in this inner transition that individuals will be able to assume full awareness of their responsibility and their duty to act in the service of local resilience goals, through associative commitments in collective projects preserving the habitability of the Earth for future generations.

7. Healing for oneself and for the world

Our proposals are inspired by the certainty that the contemporary crisis holds considerable potential for positive change. The specificity of our approach lies in the coupling of external and internal transitions, generally separated from each other, in order to make possible the emergence of a model of fraternal civilization on a global scale. To recover unity is to understand that the human mind and the human heart are driving forces in the reality of aninterconnected life. This is corroborated by contemporary quantum physics, according to which the mind is not an intruder in matter but the energy of information and fundamental structuring, from the finest particles to the most complex of galaxies.

Our belief is that the consciousness of 7.5 billion human beings represents a powerful energy that, inspired by contemplative disciplines such as yoga or meditation, can become a force of peace and love on our planet, a healing power for oneself and the world.

In the Garden of Peace, yes, we believe it, we can change the world by meditating. For it is by combining the power of the human spirit with the regenerative power of life that the intelligence and the fundamental qualities of the 7.5 billion humans can reinvent the future, serving all the existences that share the adventure of life.

© SOFIA STRIL-REVER, Director of the Better We Better World Program
& KHOA NGUYEN, Better World Agora Project Leader